Spreadsheet Marketer Logic

We only send one email a month? The emails are 500 words each, don’t overtly sell, and are designed to offer our audience helpful information? The last one moved $3 million in product and we have 60% open rates?

Sunday Math

“Love this email … cool marketing. No (trunk) for me though—just wanted to send kudos to whoever deserves it.” That note came from a Trunk Club member who read our “Sunday Math” email. Even though he didn’t want to buy anything, the guy reached out to his stylist because he enjoyed the experience of reading […]

Banana Florist

As featured on Seth Godin’s blog and Daily Candy Atlanta.

iPhone app: 5 Favorite Things

At Trunk Club I’m often challenged to write about clothing in general terms, instead of focusing on specific items. One solution: downplay clothing and emphasize our service.