Email: White jeans

In November we found ourselves flush with white jeans. Luckily, Trunk Club has always maintained that white pants are a year-round option. We solved for inventory while re-enforcing our brand.

iPhone app: Kate Upton

One of our members’ all-time favorite features on the Trunk Club iPhone app. Lesson: Selling a feeling is way more effective than selling clothes.

Tag for Eton Designer Series Trunk

We didn’t want to compete with the brochure that Eton created for the inside of the Eton Designer Series trunk, so we needed to do something special to represent Trunk Club on the outside of the trunkā€”a tricky proposition. Playing off the Sweden-to-Chicago aspect of this batch of Eton shirts, we came up with a […]

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The challenge: At a glance, convey the basics of Trunk Club to guys who have never heard of the service.