Spreadsheet Marketer Logic

We only send one email a month? The emails are 500 words each, don’t overtly sell, and are designed to offer our audience helpful information? The last one moved $3 million in product and we have 60% open rates?

Someone Else: Stories and Branding

Someone Else has been my focus for the last year. My original idea was simple: I want to write the stories that I can’t write for my day job. Joining forces with a world-class designer and photographer, we set out to talk about style, clothing, and culture in a new way.

Branding territories

Quite possibly my favorite type of work. Before joining Trunk Club I worked freelance, and my favorite projects involved the creation of branding platforms.  My client, a design firm based in Chicago, would need to create 24 prototypes for new ink pens, or a new type of dog food.