Branding territories

Quite possibly my favorite type of work. Before joining Trunk Club I worked freelance, and my favorite projects involved the creation of branding platforms.  My client, a design firm based in Chicago, would need to create 24 prototypes for new ink pens, or a new type of dog food.

An honorable advertorial?

I wasn’t excited when our marketing team decided to delve into advertorials, which I regard as the lowest form of advertising (and that’s saying something). Making the best out of the situation, we decided to lean into the “value to the member” approach that proved so successful for Trunk Club emails. This advertorial won new […]


Playing to the mini-narrative skills I developed as a freelancer for Banana Florist and design clients, I produced these coasters in my first few weeks at Trunk Club. Bundled inside member trunks, each coaster quickly conveyed a flash brand story for a selection of our vendors.

“Six Essentials” Booklet

After we created the “Six Essentials” series on our blog, we repurposed the content in a booklet that went out in trunks. This is the combined entry for items 3 and 4.