Sunday Math

“Love this email … cool marketing. No (trunk) for me though—just wanted to send kudos to whoever deserves it.” That note came from a Trunk Club member who read our “Sunday Math” email. Even though he didn’t want to buy anything, the guy reached out to his stylist because he enjoyed the experience of reading […]

The editorial approach

Let’s add value. Let’s give it away for free. Let’s trust that generosity will engender loyalty, and that loyalty will over time result in money and metrics and all the rest of it.

Email: White jeans

In November we found ourselves flush with white jeans. Luckily, Trunk Club has always maintained that white pants are a year-round option. We solved for inventory while re-enforcing our brand.

July 4th email

This email was a little different. Our photo team wanted visuals to drive the story, so they took the lead and I wrote copy that was more atmospheric than informative or advice-driven. This was a different kind of challenge, which turned out really well.