Someone Else: Stories and Branding

Someone Else has been my focus for the last year. My original idea was simple: I want to write the stories that I can’t write for my day job. Joining forces with a world-class designer and photographer, we set out to talk about style, clothing, and culture in a new way.

The Trunk Club blog

This was my baby. After joining Trunk Club I immediately began advocating—and in many cases agitating—for the creation of a company blog. This was my reasoning:

iPhone app feature: Eye Candy

Trunk Club marketing emails, and to a large extent our blog posts, call for straightforward language. When I have the chance to cut loose, I capitalize.

Sunday Math

“Love this email … cool marketing. No (trunk) for me though—just wanted to send kudos to whoever deserves it.” That note came from a Trunk Club member who read our “Sunday Math” email. Even though he didn’t want to buy anything, the guy reached out to his stylist because he enjoyed the experience of reading […]