The Trunk Club blog

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This was my baby. After joining Trunk Club I immediately began advocating—and in many cases agitating—for the creation of a company blog. This was my reasoning:

There’s more collective style knowledge at Trunk Club HQ than any other place in Chicago—maybe in the U.S. That expertise is currently communicated via one-to-one interactions between stylists and Trunk Club members. Let’s take all that knowledge, put it in one place, and let everyone on earth have access to it.

A couple of results:

  • By anticipating what guys needed before they searched online, the blog reached Trunk Club’s ideal audience: style novices. Organic search—including queries for men’s style advice in general and Trunk Club in particular—accounted for our largest volume of blog traffic, as well as our best-quality leads. Trunk Club members who signed up via the blog were proven to be twice as likely to transact.
  • The blog benefitted our stylists in a variety of ways. It gave them a strategic tool to familiarize new members with Trunk Club, while offering in-training and prospective stylists an overview of the Trunk Club perspective on style. A number of topics—like how to find a good dry cleaners; how your jeans should break; and whether it’s OK to wear neckties with oxford shirts—were suggested by individual stylists who faced specific challenges from Trunk Club members (e.g. “I don’t want oxford shirts because I can’t wear ties with them”).