Spreadsheet Marketer Logic

We only send one email a month? The emails are 500 words each, don't overtly sell, and are designed to offer our audience helpful information? The last one moved $3 million in product and we have 60% open rates?   more


Erik Zimmerman, junior writer at Trunk Club, gave me a disposable camera for Christmas this year. Yesterday morning I walked around Bucktown shooting the roll. Given the nature of the camera, I looked for things that were disposable, disposed-of, or otherwise trash-related.   more

Ashland Leather Wallet and Momotaro Jeans: Together at Last

Last week the Trunk Club creative team toured the Horween Leather Factory. Our photographer said he's never seen me as happy as the two hours we spent with Nick Horween, walking through the factory from hide house to front office, past untold thousands of cordovan shells. (Although cordovan accounts for a relatively small percentage of Horween's overall product offering, the factory was filled with the stuff during our tour, as workers processed heavy shipments of French horse hides.)   more