Someone Else: Stories and Branding

Someone Else has been my focus for the last year. My original idea was simple: I want to write the stories that I can't write for my day job. Joining forces with a world-class designer and photographer, we set out to talk about style, clothing, and culture in a new way.   more

The Trunk Club blog

This was my baby. After joining Trunk Club I immediately began advocating—and in many cases agitating—for the creation of a company blog. This was my reasoning:   more

Sunday Math

"Love this email ... cool marketing. No (trunk) for me though—just wanted to send kudos to whoever deserves it." That note came from a Trunk Club member who read our "Sunday Math" email. Even though he didn't want to buy anything, the guy reached out to his stylist because he enjoyed the experience of reading a marketing email. To repeat: he enjoyed the experience of reading a marketing email.   more

iPhone app: 5 Favorite Things

At Trunk Club I'm often challenged to write about clothing in general terms, instead of focusing on specific items. One solution: downplay clothing and emphasize our service.   more

Branding territories

Quite possibly my favorite type of work. Before joining Trunk Club I worked freelance, and my favorite projects involved the creation of branding platforms.  My client, a design firm based in Chicago, would need to create 24 prototypes for new ink pens, or a new type of dog food.   more

Pandora ad

For Trunk Club's banner ad on Pandora, I wanted to draw a parallel between Pandora's personalized music service and Trunk Club personalized clothing service.   more

An honorable advertorial?

I wasn't excited when our marketing team decided to delve into advertorials, which I regard as the lowest form of advertising (and that's saying something). Making the best out of the situation, we decided to lean into the "value to the member" approach that proved so successful for Trunk Club emails. This advertorial won new members for our business, as well as fans of our brand.   more

The editorial approach

Let's add value. Let's give it away for free. Let's trust that generosity will engender loyalty, and that loyalty will over time result in money and metrics and all the rest of it.   more


Playing to the mini-narrative skills I developed as a freelancer for Banana Florist and design clients, I produced these coasters in my first few weeks at Trunk Club. Bundled inside member trunks, each coaster quickly conveyed a flash brand story for a selection of our vendors.   more

“Six Essentials” Booklet

After we created the "Six Essentials" series on our blog, we repurposed the content in a booklet that went out in trunks. This is the combined entry for items 3 and 4.   more

Flipboard ads

Working with my photography and design teammates, I helped created Trunk Club's first-ever campaign, "What's Your Trunk?" These are the initial ads we created for the campaign, which featured on the Flipboard mobile app—specifically intended for Details magazine readers, thus the cheek.   more

Email: White jeans

In November we found ourselves flush with white jeans. Luckily, Trunk Club has always maintained that white pants are a year-round option. We solved for inventory while re-enforcing our brand.   more

iPhone app: Kate Upton

One of our members' all-time favorite features on the Trunk Club iPhone app. Lesson: Selling a feeling is way more effective than selling clothes.   more

Tag for Eton Designer Series Trunk

We didn't want to compete with the brochure that Eton created for the inside of the Eton Designer Series trunk, so we needed to do something special to represent Trunk Club on the outside of the trunk—a tricky proposition. Playing off the Sweden-to-Chicago aspect of this batch of Eton shirts, we came up with a luggage-tag concept to attach to the handle of the trunk, which was itself inspired by steamer trunks from the heyday of transatlantic travel.   more

Banner ad

The challenge: At a glance, convey the basics of Trunk Club to guys who have never heard of the service.   more

July 4th email

This email was a little different. Our photo team wanted visuals to drive the story, so they took the lead and I wrote copy that was more atmospheric than informative or advice-driven. This was a different kind of challenge, which turned out really well.   more